Real-time CDI Coach: Revolutionizing Clinical Documentation

Introducing Real-time CDI Coach, the future of Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) – Our pioneering AI modules are designed to integrate with any Ambient solution and redefine the standards of healthcare documentation. In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, where the accuracy and completeness of clinical documentation is paramount, our API solution stands as a beacon of innovation, guiding healthcare providers toward excellence in documentation practices. Real-time CDI Coach elevates documentation standards by ensuring that all clinical notes are comprehensive and accurate, reflecting the true extent of patient care provided.  It’s like having a virtual coder sitting next to a physician in every patient encounter. 


Capture the quality work the physicians are performing and decrease alert fatigue: 


Designed to integrate seamlessly into the any Ambient solution or workflow, Real-time CDI Coach simplifies the documentation process, allowing providers to devote more attention to patient care rather than documentation.


Our API allows an Ambient solution to “Nudge” the provider only when necessary. With Real-time inferencing speed, the API has the ability to re-prompt ambient speech-to-text generation models with documentation gap information or prompt provider for additional information (differential diagnosis, specificity of diagnosis, discussion of risks, lab/rad order results interpretation, etc.)  


Real-time CDI Coach is not just a tool; it serves as a personal, real-time coach, providing consistent, immediate, and highly relevant feedback to healthcare providers, optimizing the accuracy and completeness of their documentation for efficient coding.  CODEHR generative AI utilizes the latest AMA guidelines to align MDM, COPA, Data, and Risk attributes in real-time allowing the models to not only identify the current CPT code as the note is written but also identify the gaps and attributes needed to insure it is coded correctly at the appropriate (maximum) level.  Clinicians receive gentle nudges, but only as needed. 




Future proofed for AMA standards, and all medical codes and scenarios :  

Models trained on rich, diverse synthetic data to recognize information in wide variety of provider note inputs and a large, varying set of documentation gaps, while also minimizing hallucinations and patient data leakage. 



Transforming Healthcare with Technology

At the heart of Real-time CDI Coach is the vision to transform healthcare documentation through technology. We believe that by enhancing the quality of documentation, we can support healthcare providers in delivering better care, improving coding accuracy, and ultimately, driving profitability for the organization. 



join the revolution

Embrace the future of clinical documentation with Real-time CDI Coach. Whether you’re a small clinic or a large health system, our solution scales to meet your needs, providing you with the tools to ensure documentation integrity, improve patient care, and streamline operations.