About us

At the heart of CODEHR.ai lies a groundbreaking generative AI, designed specifically to enhance the crucial interactions between physicians and patients, thereby elevating Clinical Documentation Integrity and alleviating physician workload. Our team is a dynamic collection of innovators and data scientists driven by a singular passion: to tackle the complex challenges in healthcare. With over three decades of healthcare experience, we possess a deep understanding of the obstacles faced by clinicians, their support teams, and patients alike. Our unique approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of our healthcare clients. Providing not just solutions but also education and empowerment essential for embracing vital advancements in healthcare. We craft scalable solutions that cater to healthcare providers of all sizes, from local clinics to national health systems, through our advanced models and intelligent automation technologies. 

Our Leaders

Johnna smith


Silex Data Solutions is a minority-owned business (EDWOSB and WBE certified). As the primary owner, Johnna Smith leads the overall corporate direction for Silex Data Solutions. Her background in operations and marketing serves her well in business development, operations, and the overall leadership of Silex. Her focus on brand awareness and market adoption has propelled Silex from a startup to a multi-million-dollar enterprise in a few short years. Likewise, her experience with finance and accounting supplements the larger team at Silex.

In her free time, Johnna volunteers at local churches and schools. As CEO of Silex, she is also responsible for choosing the numerous donations to non-profit organizations as a means to give back to the local community. Previous experience includes private ventures and startup businesses in the IT field.

Ryan smith


President of Silex, Ryan Smith, has a passion for people and helping them solve business problems that have propelled an IT career with both breadth and depth.

He co-founded Silex Data Solutions to fill an enterprise market need for a truly agnostic provider that shifts the focus from infrastructure to client data strategy. Storage is about data but data is about business. How a company plans for and handles data can reduce costs, boost revenue and deliver predictive analytics that transforms the data into a competitive asset.

Customer education is a key Silex differentiator. The company investigates new technology, crafts unbiased industry research, and distills a litany of options to support customers in making well-informed decisions. Ryan and the team build a strategy around key components – from enterprise infrastructure to security, disaster recovery, and predictive analytics to workplace delivery.

Ryan’s experience encompasses successful leadership tenures at both VARs as well as OEMs. He understands that end users don’t always have the time or expertise to evaluate their many options, positioning Silex to do the heavy lifting for them – presenting options that solve immediate problems and pave the way for growth.



As Chief Financial Officer, Bryan has primary responsibility for directing and overseeing all company financial and accounting objectives and obligations. He has over twenty years of financial and management experience, including an association with a Nashville-certified public accounting firm. 

Bryan received his BS degree in Accounting from Lipscomb University and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Tennessee Society of Certified Public Accountants (TSCPA).

derek lewis


Derek Lewis serves Chief Technology Officer & Data Scientist at Silex and is responsible for Silex’s technical pre-sales architecture and delivery engineering teams.

Derek has over 14 years in the healthcare & technology industries in various roles, including technical leadership and management roles for large healthcare companies, as well as CTO of a cloud-first healthcare startup. Prior to joining Silex, Derek was a Solutions Architect for Dell Technologies and assisted Dell’s clients with digital transformation and building modern data centers with hybrid cloud. 

Derek’s focus at Silex has been and continues be on building differentiated services and technology offerings that take Silex beyond a traditional value-added reseller with our customers.